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Subdirectory name test (#6449)

parent 2b873a7e
......@@ -64,6 +64,15 @@ Dir.glob('entries/*/*.json') do |file|
"File name should be the same as the domain name. Received: #{file_name}. Expected: #{expected_file_name}")
folder_name = file.split('/')[1]
expected_folder_name = document.values[0]['domain'][0]
unless folder_name.eql? expected_folder_name
"Entry should be in the subdirectory with the same name as the first letter as the domain.
Received: entries/#{folder_name}. Expected: entries/#{expected_folder_name}")
name = document.keys[0]
if seen_names.include? name
error(file, "An entry with the name '#{name}' already exists. Duplicate site names are not allowed.
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