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    README.md, GIT-Access.txt: Some small improvements · ef9b4dfd
    Aaron Jones authored
    - Recommend an explicit directory name for the clone, to avoid cloning
      into ~/atheme/ if the user runs the `git clone` operation in their
      home directory. Atheme defaults to installing to ~/atheme/, and you
      cannot install Atheme to its source directory. [1]
    - Recommend the use of the `--recursive` option to `git clone` in
      `README.md`, as it was already recommended in `GIT-Access.txt`. [1]
    - Provide alternative command sequences for people who have very old
      versions of git, which may not even support the `--init` option of
      `git submodule update`, let alone the `--recursive` option of
      `git clone`.
    - Quote a filesystem path.
    - Tidy up the more information section in the bottom of `README.md`.
    [1] Suggested by GitHub user @PeGaSuS-Coder in PR #764
    Closes #764