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1.1.0 - 2015-08-04
- Revocation now checks OCSP status.
- Authenticated endpoints are now supported using HMAC tags.
- Bundle can verify certificates against a domain or IP.
- OCSP subcommand has been added.
- PKCS #11 keys are now supported; this support is now the default.
- OCSP serving is now implemented.
- The multirootca tool is now available for multiple signing
keys via an authenticated API.
- A scan utility for checking the quality of a server's TLS
- The certificate bundler now supports PKCS #7 and PKCS #12.
- An info endpoint has been added to retrieve the signers'
- Signers can now use a serial sequence number for certificate
serial numbers; the default remains randomised serial numbers.
- CSR whitelisting allows the signer to explicitly distrust
certain fields in a CSR.
- Signing profiles can include certificate policies and their
- The multirootca can use Red October-secured private keys.
- The multirootca can whitelist CSRs per-signer based on an
IP network whitelist.
- The signer can whitelist SANs and common names via a regular-
expression whitelist.
- Multiple fallback remote signers are now supported in the
cfssl server.
- A Docker build script has been provided to facilitate building
CFSSL for all supported platforms.
- The log package includes a new logging level, fatal, that
immediately exits with error after printing the log message.
- CLI tool can read from standard input.
- The -f flag has been renamed to -config.
- Signers have been refactored into local and remote signers
under a single universal signer abstraction.
- The CLI subcommands have been refactored into separate
- Signing can now extract subject information from a CSR.
- Various improvements to the certificate ubiquity scoring,
such as accounting for SHA1 deprecation.
- The bundle CLI tool can set the intermediates directory that
newly found intermediates can be stored in.
- The CLI tools return exit code 1 on failure.
Alice Xia
Dan Rohr
Didier Smith
Dominic Luechinger
Erik Kristensen
Fabian Ruff
George Tankersley
Harald Wagener
Harry Harpham
Jacob H. Haven
Jacob Hoffman-Andrews
Joshua Kroll
Kyle Isom
Nick Sullivan
Peter Eckersley
Richard Barnes
Sophie Huang
Steve Rude
Tara Vancil
Terin Stock
Thomaz Leite
Travis Truman
Zi Lin
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