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# Changelog
### [5.0.1]( (2020-10-07)
## [5.1.0]( (2021-03-30)
### Features
* **calendar(js):** allow HTML links in location field ([0509d7f](
* **calendar(web):** allow to change the classification of an event ([4a83733](
* **eas:** Allow EAS Search operation in all parts of a message ([fab8061](
* **mail:** new option to force default identity ([fc4f5d2](
### Bug Fixes
* **acls:** remove debugging output when searching in groups ([3722169](
* **addressbook(dav):** add support for macOS 11 (Big Sur) ([b9e19c2](, closes [#5203](
* **calendar:** accept HTML in repeat frequencies descriptions ([c38524a](
* **calendar:** avoid exception when FoldersOrder have invalid entries ([c27be0f](
* **calendar:** fix all-day events in lists ([5d1ac9d](
* **calendar:** try to repair VCALENDAR when parsing versit string ([9fe2de7](
* **calendar(js):** add attendee from search field when saving ([74acab0](, closes [#5185](
* **calendar(js):** fix exception when changing an event calendar ([0e0fc72](
* **calendar(js):** ignore attendees when saving task ([e78eb44](
* **common(js):** improve parsing of year ([6f90977](, closes [#5268](
* **core:** fix compilation warning in NSData+Crypto ([386429e](
* **core:** release alarm folder's channel immediately after being used ([41bbbfa](
* **core:** remove overstruck diacritics from sanitized strings ([7da4bc4](
* **core:** use "is null" instead of "= null" when building SQL ([dd326f9](
* **css:** adjust colors of center lists of views ([f64b4e1](
* **eas:** handle fileAs element (fixes [#5239]( ([dd8ebd1](
* **eas:** handle SENT-BY in delegated calendars ([3796009](
* **eas:** improve EAS parameters parsing (fixes [#5266]( ([b2008cd](
* **login:** fix localizabled strings when changing language ([a3277eb](
* **mail:** unsubscribe from all subfolders when deleting parent ([cb6de75](, closes [#5218](
* **mail(css):** improve visibility of buttons in invitations ([088764a](, closes [#5263](
* **mail(css):** limit some text formatting to attachment cards ([9dcdaed](
* **mail(css):** limit some text formatting to attachment cards ([e774c4c](
* **mail(css):** restore scrolling of msg source when animation is off ([86ab731](
* **mail(js):** add collapse button to toolbar of HTML editor ([00030ba](
* **mail(js):** don't modify filters for automatic refresh ([f9a8d84](, closes [#5226](
* **mail(js):** improve quoted message when replying ([fa3e5e0](, closes [#5223](
* **preferences(css):** improve display of some select input fields ([12047d1](
* **preferences(js):** always apply forward constraints to sieve filters ([#294]( ([59e876d](
* **preferences(mail):** make sure auto-reply (vacation) text is set ([1c4ff40](
* **print:** don't print toasts ([bc77536](, closes [#5207](
### Localization
* **cs:** update Czech translation ([9bafb57](
* **cs:** update Czech translation ([1827a45](
* **de:** update German translation ([cbcf6cb](
* **de:** update German translation ([c7166de](
* **fr:** update French translation ([f5b925d](
* **hu:** update Hungarian translation ([1914a35](
* **hu:** update Hungarian translation ([3875edd](
* **mail:** fix status for message validity ([e6088c9](, closes [#5204](
* **mail:** improve generic error message for signed/encrypted messages ([e2e5e6f](, closes [#5204](
* **pl:** update Polish translation ([3662332](
* **pl:** update Polish translation ([2ecfa70](
* **pt_BR:** update Brazilian Portuguese translation ([c6fab04](
* **ru:** update Russian translation ([d030d1c](
* **sk:** update Slovak translation ([b486938](
* **sl_SI:** update Slovenian translation ([a95964b](
* **sr:** update Serbian and Serbian Latin translations ([8915749](
* **sr_SR:** add Serbian (Latin) translation ([8386bb2](
* **sr_SR:** update Serbian (Latin) translation ([822c50f](
### [5.0.1]( (2020-10-07)
### Bug Fixes
<!-- TODO have the build system take care of this -->
<releaseinfo>Version 5.0.1 - October 2020</releaseinfo>
<subtitle>for version 5.0.1</subtitle>
<releaseinfo>Version 5.1.0 - March 2021</releaseinfo>
<subtitle>for version 5.1.0</subtitle>
<para>Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts. A copy of the license is included in the section entitled "GNU Free Documentation License".</para>
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// TODO have the build system take care of this
:release_version: 5.0.1
:release_version: 5.1.0
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