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# Changelog
### [4.3.1]( (2020-05-01)
### Bug Fixes
* **calendar:** fallback to tz found in ics ([57bbb25](
* **calendar:** fix first range of "busy off hours" in vFreeBusy response ([5e1f487](
* **calendar:** handle tz with until in rrule (fixes [#4943]( ([24fc9a9](
* **calendar:** use the calendar owner when generating freebusy information ([6af0058](
* **calendar(core):** avoid generating empty parameters list ([62e25f6](
* **calendar(core):** check for array size before looking into ([7829249](
* **calendar(js):** find a free slot for a maximum of 30 days ([058df21](
* **core:** escape quotes before sending SQL queries ([09c76b3](, [d99bbbb](, [04a6217](, closes [#5010](
* **css:** improve contrast of toolbars w/input field ([eabb40a](
* **eas:** fix invalid DisplayTo (fixes [#4988]( ([b8f3106](
* **eas:** properly encode DisplayTo (fixes [#4995]( ([18ffd1a](
* **mail:** remove onpointerrawupdate event handler from HTML messages ([d1dbceb](, closes [#4979](
* **mail:** validate IMAP ACL compliance on main mail account ([da51482](
* **mail:** wrap HTML part before re-encoding content ([bc963d5](
* **mail(css):** minor improvements to the mail editor ([807cefa](
* **mail(js):** disable autogrow of textarea in popup window ([daaad93](, closes [#4962](
* **mail(js):** limit number of messages to batch delete per API call ([4e2d509](
* **mail(js):** restore unseen count after deleting a mailbox ([158c5e4](
* **mail(js):** skrink autogrow md-input when content is removed ([95b3e9d](
* **mail(js):** url-encode folder path to handle special characters (%) ([52bb3ba](, closes [#4989](
* **mail(js):** wrong argument to Mailbox.$_deleteMessages ([2c050d8](, closes [#4986](
* **preferences:** avoid exception when parsing PreventInvitationsWhitelist ([824b383](, closes [#5006](
* **preferences(html):** reject action of mail filter is now a textarea ([656410e](
* **web(css):** space issue with folders subscription dialog on Firefox ([860d635](, closes [#4954](
* **web(css):** truncate text of toolbar in multi-selection mode ([174b44e](, closes [#4623](
* **web(js):** handle SAML assertion expiration ([6446176](, [fd063fd](
### Localization
* **ca:** update Catalan translation ([0e5e9dd](
* **cs:** update Czech translation ([e3559d5](
* **de:** update German translation ([a41fb9e](
* **fr:** update French translation ([f75af12](
* **hu:** update Hungarian translation ([543abb3](
* **lv:** update Latvian translation ([e8e41f1](
* **nl:** update Dutch translation ([91d193f](
* **pl:** update Polish translation ([7b4e4f7](
* **pt_BR:** update Brazilian (Portuguese) translation ([c61fe4a](
* **ro_RO:** update Romanian translation ([de5da7b](
* **sk:** update Slovak translation ([84f3fd5](
### Enhancements
* **web:** don't wait on Sieve server to render UIxPageFrame.wox ([3e6cd3c](
## [4.3.0]( (2020-01-21)
### Features
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* **mail(js):** bypass autogrow feature of md-input to fix scroll jumping ([73dc86a](
* **tool:** fix error handling when updating Sieve script ([d6d33f9](
### Localization
* **pt_BR:** update Brazilian (Portuguese) translation ([88a6755](
<!-- TODO have the build system take care of this -->
<releaseinfo>Version 4.3.0 - January 2020</releaseinfo>
<subtitle>for version 4.3.0</subtitle>
<releaseinfo>Version 4.3.1 - May 2020</releaseinfo>
<subtitle>for version 4.3.1</subtitle>
<para>Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts. A copy of the license is included in the section entitled "GNU Free Documentation License".</para>
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// TODO have the build system take care of this
:release_version: 4.3.0
:release_version: 4.3.1
// vim: set syntax=asciidoc tabstop=2 shiftwidth=2 expandtab:
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