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Fix error when suspending user with an already-existing canonical email block (#17036)

* Fix error when suspending user with an already-existing canonical email block

Fixes #17033

While attempting to create a `CanonicalEmailBlock` with an existing hash would
raise an `ActiveRecord::RecordNotUnique` error, this being done within a
transaction would cancel the whole transaction. For this reason, checking for
uniqueness in Rails would query the database within the transaction and avoid
invalidating the whole transaction for this reason.

A race condition is still possible, where multiple accounts sharing a canonical
email would be blocked in concurrent transactions, in which only one would
succeed, but that is way less likely to happen that the current issue, and can
always be retried after the first failure, unlike the current situation.

* Add tests
parent 9c44cf20
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ class CanonicalEmailBlock < ApplicationRecord
belongs_to :reference_account, class_name: 'Account'
validates :canonical_email_hash, presence: true
validates :canonical_email_hash, presence: true, uniqueness: true
def email=(email)
self.canonical_email_hash = email_to_canonical_email_hash(email)
......@@ -5,6 +5,37 @@ RSpec.describe Account, type: :model do
let(:bob) { Fabricate(:account, username: 'bob') }
subject { Fabricate(:account) }
describe '#suspend!' do
it 'marks the account as suspended' do
expect(subject.suspended?).to be true
it 'creates a deletion request' do
expect(AccountDeletionRequest.where(account: subject).exists?).to be true
context 'when the account is of a local user' do
let!(:subject) { Fabricate(:account, user: Fabricate(:user, email: 'foo+bar@domain.org')) }
it 'creates a canonical domain block' do
expect(CanonicalEmailBlock.block?(subject.user_email)).to be true
context 'when a canonical domain block already exists for that email' do
before do
Fabricate(:canonical_email_block, email: subject.user_email)
it 'does not raise an error' do
expect { subject.suspend! }.not_to raise_error
describe '#follow!' do
it 'creates a follow' do
follow = subject.follow!(bob)
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