Unverified Commit df9894e2 authored by Kaloyan Raev's avatar Kaloyan Raev Committed by GitHub

avoid caching http ranges in background goroutine (#10724)

parent ca77ee1c
......@@ -305,12 +305,10 @@ func (c *cacheObjects) GetObjectNInfo(ctx context.Context, bucket, object string
return bkReader, bkErr
if rs != nil {
if rs != nil && !dcache.enableRange {
go func() {
// if range caching is disabled, download entire object.
if !dcache.enableRange {
rs = nil
rs = nil
// fill cache in the background for range GET requests
bReader, bErr := c.InnerGetObjectNInfoFn(GlobalContext, bucket, object, rs, h, lockType, opts)
if bErr != nil {
......@@ -337,7 +335,7 @@ func (c *cacheObjects) GetObjectNInfo(ctx context.Context, bucket, object string
go func() {
putErr := dcache.Put(ctx, bucket, object,
io.LimitReader(pipeReader, bkReader.ObjInfo.Size),
bkReader.ObjInfo.Size, nil, ObjectOptions{
bkReader.ObjInfo.Size, rs, ObjectOptions{
UserDefined: userDefined,
}, false)
// close the write end of the pipe, so the error gets
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