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      fix: make sure to use uniform drive count calculation (#10208) · a20d4568
      Harshavardhana authored
      It is possible in situations when server was deployed
      in asymmetric configuration in the past such as
      minio server ~/fs{1...4}/disk{1...5}
      Results in setDriveCount of 10 in older releases
      but with fairly recent releases we have moved to
      having server affinity which means that a set drive
      count ascertained from above config will be now '4'
      While the object layer make sure that we honor
      `format.json` the storageClass configuration however
      was by mistake was using the global value obtained
      by heuristics. Which leads to prematurely using
      lower parity without being requested by the an
      This PR fixes this behavior.
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      feat: allow service accounts to be generated with OpenID STS (#10184) · e656beb9
      Harshavardhana authored
      Bonus also fix a bug where we did not purge relevant
      service accounts generated by rotating credentials
      appropriately, service accounts should become invalid
      as soon as its corresponding parent user becomes invalid.
      Since service account themselves carry parent claim always
      we would never reach this problem, as the access get
      rejected at IAM policy layer.
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      update minio-go version to latest v7.0.3 (#10201) · cd046008
      Harshavardhana authored
      - Add methods to set/remove replication rules (poornas)
      - fix: only SSE-C headers should be applied to destination (Harshavardhana)
      - fix: avoid data race by copying the buffer (Harshavardhana)
      - remove deprecated build badges (Harshavardhana)
      - fix: handle readFull bug with certain readers (Harshavardhana)
      - fix a typo in README.md (Julien K)
      - lifecycle: Fix marshaling expiration date/days (Anis Elleuch)
      - add replication-status, expiration headers (Harshavardhana)
      - Return object's version id in StatObject(Anis Elleuch)
      - display appropriate funcName with nested callers (Harshavardhana)
      - allow KMS tests to be run in the CI/CD (Harshavardhana)
      - fix: removing lifecycle properly (Harshavardhana)
      - feat: Add ListenNotification API to listen for all events (Harshavardhana)
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      Validate object lock when setting replication config. (#10200) · 88daaef7
      poornas authored
      Check if object lock is enabled on
      destination bucket while setting replication
      configuration on a object lock enabled bucket.
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