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    lock: improve locker initialization at init (#8776) · 5aa5dcdc
    Harshavardhana authored
    Use reference format to initialize lockers
    during startup, also handle `nil` for NetLocker
    in dsync and remove *errorLocker* implementation
    Add further tuning parameters such as
     - DialTimeout is now 15 seconds from 30 seconds
     - KeepAliveTimeout is not 20 seconds, 5 seconds
       more than default 15 seconds
     - ResponseHeaderTimeout to 10 seconds
     - ExpectContinueTimeout is reduced to 3 seconds
     - DualStack is enabled by default remove setting
       it to `true`
     - Reduce IdleConnTimeout to 30 seconds from
       1 minute to avoid idleConn build up
    Fixes #8773