• 191602a1 CI: attempt auto release when building default
  • a816b8e7 template: update build container image versions
  • 6d9557f0 mount: deactivate verbose mode
  • 779b9719 mount: shift command portion out of params
  • f2730893 mount: fix sshfs auth/user variable
  • f2453b49 template: try mount command as single line
  • c39e3721 template: fix multiline sshfs private key input
  • a1d15095 Introduce 0.1.0 as development start
  • 1c3e6b5c CI: add automated gitlab releases
  • d3cc6f48 template: fix missing -y in dnf install
  • 9208edd0 docs: add --privileged flag to quick-start
  • c9af08e2 CI: adapt new build-ah-engine 2.0 interface

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