• defa37da CI: invert test statement
  • 0b6d8546 CI: switch order of release and manifest jobs
  • 470d2d6f CI: fix OSTREE_REF test statement
  • 2f6cad7c templates: let image build job upload artifacts
  • 6f839210 image: use cat instead of cp
  • 0b443f3b template: add missing symlink
  • a7c7639d image: remove unused variables
  • 80fb2f0c Add missing grub.cfg from COSA project
  • 12bcbd98 ci-ref: remove unused variables
  • 5e2ab708 CI: fix placement of when: manual
  • 1bc8c9a8 Allow arch config of delta job
  • a522ede6 CI: fix new build subdir path
  • dfa53ad8 CI: use a build subdir instead of a host dir
  • d0c80207 CI: only trigger the release job manually
  • 781b3277 CI: decouple ostree commit and image build jobs
  • e8066555 CI: add image build to test pipeline
  • 6d529237 CI: change host build dir in ostree-test job
  • f4355af1 Unify CI ref naming and creation
  • 5387bee0 fix: use ci variable to define ostree branch name
  • 64989d60 add: details in readme about issues with loop devs
  • e297b9a0 fix: subst quoting according to shellcheck results
  • a826d7cc ref: avoid cryptic dimage name for output filename
  • d24a8f97 ref: verbose no root pass option name
  • fcc51d2b Add initial implementation of building disk images

External Contributors

  • Roman Valov

This is an automated release. See #13006 for details.