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      Merge pull request #1 from aFreshMelon/patch-1 · 46308814
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      Fixing an issue with GetSaltFromPass
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      Adding the rest of the checks · 8844c4b7
      aFreshMelon authored
      GetSaltFromPass is now a bool instead of a void in order for it to return either true or false to make the simple check added work properly. If it does not find a password in the right format it will not return false instead of crashing with an unhandled exception as every string search is now inside a condition that will return false if it fails. The function now returns true.
  3. 17 Jun, 2014 1 commit
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      Fixing an issue with GetSaltFromPass · f2bc8b8f
      aFreshMelon authored
      Upon debugging I found that the GetSaltFromPass function caused Anope to crash if faced with a password that does not match the format specified. In order to prevent a crash the simple error catcher from the function called directly above GetSaltFromPass was applied. If faced with an unconverted or false format password it will now no longer crash but instead print out "Password incorrect." and services will not crash. NOTE: This is not true error handling, this is simply preventing a crash. PS. I did the debugging and the error report, the C++ was done by Adam.
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