1. 16 Jul, 2020 1 commit
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      EOL this repository · fd4b7e4f
      Sheogorath authored
      This repository was for the PoC phase. The PR is open, mainly waiting
      for approval. Maintaining two independent repositories would be too
      much work.
  2. 26 Jun, 2020 1 commit
  3. 25 Jun, 2020 4 commits
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      Update README about done TODOs · 083713b8
      Sheogorath authored
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      Rework to use extra-data · 57d68fbc
      Sheogorath authored
      Currently the flatpak contains the parsec client when once it's built.
      This is obviously a problem due to nature of proprietary licenses a
      re-dustribution is usually not allowed. Therefore this patch changes the
      behavior of the flatpak to use the extra-data to download the parsec.deb
      on install. This way the license restrictions are all met and It's fit
      for distribution through flathub.
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      Add note about account requirement · d3babc09
      Sheogorath authored
      This patch adds a note about the requirement of a parsec account in
      order to use this application.
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      Add default screenshot · 33605497
      Sheogorath authored
      As Parsec will greet you with a login screen, this patch adds the login
      screen as screenshot to the parsec flatpak. It should hlep to provide
      awareness of that fact.
  4. 24 Jun, 2020 5 commits
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      Improve app description · dbbb4376
      Sheogorath authored
      Add some more words about what Parsec is and what one can do with it.
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      Add screenshots for Parsec · 89eecd58
      Sheogorath authored
      This patch adds the screenshots for the app, to make the representation
      on Flathub as well as the Gnome Software Center a bit more appealing.
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      Add control recommendations · c49c8213
      Sheogorath authored
      App metadata can recommend controls for an application. This patch adds
      mouse, keyboard and gamepad as recommended input controls, because one
      of the main features is nice gamepad support.
      Note: Gamepad support is currently untested with the flatpak.
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      Fix README instructions · 4d670a99
      Sheogorath authored
      Since reworking the `com.parsecgaming.parsec.json` to
      `com.parsecgaming.parsec.yml` the README instructions are incorrect.
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      Refactor build instructions to yaml · ef599ce9
      Sheogorath authored
      As yaml is nicer to write than JSON providing the build instruction as
      yaml instead of json should help to reduce typo and other mistakes in
      future modifications.
      This patch rewrites the build instruction file to be YAML and this way
      improves the future development process.
  5. 22 Jun, 2020 1 commit
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      Add basic README · ff7c2ac3
      Sheogorath authored
      This README should help to instruct people on how to use the repository
      as well as providing an overview of the TODOs for the project.
  6. 21 Jun, 2020 1 commit
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      Initial version of parsec · 06772d19
      Sheogorath authored
      This commit lays the groundwork for a parsec flatpak.
      What to expect from this commited version?
      - Provides a first working version of the parsec
      - Provides a desktop entry for the parsec client
      - Provides minimum required permissions to run the client
      - Provides proper content rating
      What's still missing?
      - Does not provide a flatpak that is distributable (due to license
      - Misses screenshots in appdata
      - Misses automatic-updatablity due to missing version information
      - Misses some better filled description fields
      Knowledge so far:
      The parsec client requires it's library in the user's home directory. It
      doesn't pick it up when located in a proper libs directory. Therefore
      the current solution is to symlink it into the app's $HOME directory.
      It also stores the user login data in a file called user.bin in the home
      directory instead of using a proper `XDG_DATA_HOME` or even better a
      keyring to store those login data. This is currently solved by creating
      another symlink for this file and lead it to the `XDG_DATA_HOME` instead
      in order to persist logins over restarts of the flatpak.
      Some positive aspects: The parsec clients picks up the VAAPI integration
      properly and uses hardware rendering on Intel integrated graphics to
      provide nice rendering performance.
      It also supports wayland and therefore the x11 session is made optional
      using the `fallback-x11` permission.
      All in all, for a first working version it was more work than expected
      but not enough work to make me run away in tears. Further polishing can
      start now as well as submission to flathub.