Verified Commit 25bc3c5f authored by Sheogorath's avatar Sheogorath 🏰
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fdroid: Hide build process and add debug mode

This patch removes the build output from the CLI, as it would otherwise
not be transparent to other programs (e.g. if someone wants to pipe the
CLI). This should improve this situation, while still provide the
ability to debug problems.
parent 1d37b9fc
set -e
[ "$DEBUG" = "1" ] && set -x
if ! podman image exists localhost/fdroid:cli; then
podman build -t localhost/fdroid:cli - <<EOF
[ "$DEBUG" = "1" ] && echo "Fdroid CLI image missing, building my own… Log file: $TMP_BUILD_LOG"
podman build -t localhost/fdroid:cli - > "$TMP_BUILD_LOG" 2>&1 <<EOF
RUN true \
......@@ -21,6 +26,7 @@ ENTRYPOINT ["fdroid"]
CMD ["--help"]
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