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  • v3.6
    5a24c252 · fugitive.vim 3.6 ·
    fugitive.vim 3.6
    * Fix support for older Vim 7 patch levels.
    * Support copies on :Gclog --follow.
  • v3.5
    cd67d087 · fugitive.vim 3.5 ·
    fugitive.vim 3.5
    * Lazy initialization.
    * Make status buffer diff retrieval asynchronous.
    * Support jump to diff from :Git log --name-status.
    * Use smudge filters when viewing blobs.
    * Provide User FugitiveEditor event.
    * Provide FugitiveRemote() API function.
  • trashtest
  • v3.4
    2a53d792 · fugitive.vim 3.4 ·
    fugitive.vim 3.4
    * Use jobs for all Git execution.  Faster and less prone to user error.
    * Stream :Git! to the preview window.
    * Make :Git grep behave like other :Git commands, not :Ggrep.
    * Silence output and open quickfix list on :Ggrep -q.
    * Support :Ggrep outside repository with --no-index.
    * Expand ##, $ENVVAR, and ~/path in arguments to :Git.
    * Expand "%" and other special sequences during tab completion.
    * Improve tab completion for :Git push.
    * Disable -- More -- prompt on :Git push, fetch, and --no-pager.
    * Provide FugitiveObject/FugitiveStageBlob/FugitivePager events.
    * Simplify :Gdiffsplit "smart" split direction.
    * Support jump to commit in :Git log --graph.
    * Use local not upstream branch name for :GBrowse default.
    * Better support for ssh config in :GBrowse.
    * Replace older deprecation warnings with error messages.
    * Assorted public API enhancements.
    * Require Git 1.8.5 or newer.
    * Require Vim 7.3 or newer.  Full functionality requires Vim 8.1.
    * Directly echo :Git output for trivial commands like "add" on Vim 7.
    * Fix E1208 when loading plugin on Vim 8.2.3141.
  • v3.3
    f5451e43 · fugitive.vim 3.3 ·
    fugitive.vim 3.3
    * Replace :! :Git backend with smart job runner.
    * Replace special cased commit/revert/rebase/merge/etc. with regular :Git.
    * Support :Git -c config.name=value and other common flags.
    * Improve completion of :Git subcommands, including hiding plumbing commands.
    * Improve completion of arguments to :Git subcommands.
    * Show unpulled and unpushed sections for both upstream and push remote.
    * Introduce capitalized naming scheme for :GMove/:GRename/:GRemove/:GDelete/:GBrowse.
    * Expand SSH host aliases in remote URLs for :GBrowse.
    * Enable opening arbitrary URLs with :GBrowse.
    * Add warnings to deprecated commands.
    * Remove all other temp buffer commands in favor of :Git --paginate.
    * Don't automatically invoke :setlocal foldmethod=syntax in Fugitive buffers.
    * Support colored :Git blame commits in 256 color terminals.
    * Bug fixes.
  • v3.2
    21ed5330 · fugitive.vim 3.2 ·
    fugitive.vim 3.2
    * Provide :Git mergetool to load conflicts into quickfix list.
    * Provide :Git difftool to load arbitrary changesets into quickfix list.
    * Call FugitiveBlob/FugitiveCommit/etc autocommands on Fugitive buffer load.
    * :Git --paginate display results in temp buffer.
    * :Git --no-pager no longer displays results in temp buffer.
    * Accomodate loading Fugitive buffers in popup window.
    * Better PowerShell support.
    * Bug fixes.
  • v3.1
    427ac52d · fugitive.vim 3.1 ·
    fugitive.vim 3.1
    * Commands are now global, not buffer local.
    * Calling a command in an unnamed buffer uses the working directory.
    * Preserve line number on :Gedit to return to work tree buffer.
    * Better submodule support in :Gstatus.
    * Support git-blame revision ignoring features.
    * Show first parent diff in merge commit buffer.
    * Remove deprecated support for .git/tags.
    * Bug fixes.
  • v3.0
    9abe962c · fugitive.vim 3.0 ·
    fugitive.vim 3.0
    * Use custom format for :Gstatus, not literal git status output.
    * Inline diffing in :Gstatus, with support for staging individual hunks.
    * List unpushed and unpulled commits in :Gstatus.
    * Show rebase status in :Gstatus.
    * Greatly expanded set of mappings in :Gstatus. Try g?, c?, and r?.
    * :Gstatus p (add --patch) is changed to P.
    * :Gstatus U (checkout/clean) is changed to X. New U behavior is global reset.
    * :Gstatus 2X/3X performs checkout --ours/--theirs.
    * :Gstatus gI ignores file.
    * Smarter :Gstatus automatic reload.
    * :Git subcommand calls :Gsubcommand when appropriate.
    * :Git add --patch and similar commands use :terminal.
    * :Git diff, :Git log, and :Git --no-pager display results in temp buffer.
    * :Git and subcommand wrappers use custom quoting rather than shell escaping.
    * :Git ... ./path is relative to working directory.
    * Add --option completion to :Git and git wrappers.
    * Provide :G as wrapper for both :Gstatus and :Git.
    * Support for :Grebase --interactive.
    * :Gblame accepts all arguments, including filenames and commits.
    * Support :Gblame --reverse to navigate forwards through history.
    * Support :Gblame with range to blame subset of current file.
    * Allow disabling dynamic blame colors with let g:fugitive_dynamic_colors = 0.
    * :Glog opens quickfix list instead of displaying raw log output.
    * Cleaner :Glog quickfix list leveraging Vim's new "module" format.
    * :Glog no longer defaults to current file.  Use :0Glog for that.
    * :0Glog follows file across renames.
    * :Glog name softly deprecated in favor of :Gclog (named after :cfile).
    * Provide :Grevert.
    * :Gdiff renamed to :Gdiffsplit.
    * :Gdiffsplit always opens one window.  Use :Gdiffsplit! for conflicts.
    * Support git grep --column.
    * Chdir with git -C rather than :cd for most commands. (Git 1.8.5 required)
    * Show all stderr hook output on :Gcommit.
    * Provide core.askPass default for Gpush and friends.
    * Require bang to :Gwrite from index.
    * Bug fixes.
    * Polish.
  • v2.5
    2564c37d · fugitive.vim 2.5 ·
    fugitive.vim 2.5
  • v2.4
    85c6c7a8 · fugitive.vim 2.4 ·
    fugitive.vim 2.4
  • v2.3
    cde670ee · fugitive.vim 2.3 ·
    fugitive.vim 2.3
  • v2.2
    34719016 · fugitive.vim 2.2 ·
    fugitive.vim 2.2
  • v2.1
    df103dc5 · fugitive.vim 2.1 ·
    fugitive.vim 2.1
    * Fix :Gdiff horizontal/vertical disposition.
  • v2.0
    f880016a · fugitive.vim 2.0 ·
    fugitive.vim 2.0
    * CTRL-R CTRL-G in :Gstatus recalls cursor line filename.
    * Map dp to show diff in :Gstatus.
    * Add ca and cA commit maps to :Gstatus.
    * Add cc alias for C in :Gstatus.
    * Disable swapfile in :Gstatus.
    * Replace :Gstatus cv with cva and cvc.
    * Add an S mapping for vertical splits from :Gstatus.
    * Close diffs when navigating from :Gstatus.
    * Enable folding in :Gstatus.
    * Accept a count with :Gstatus CTRL-N/CTRL-P.
    * Allow CTRL-P pass through to ctrlp.vim in :Gstatus.
    * Add . in :Gstatus to prepopulate command line with revision.
    * Fix :Gstatus dp with external diff enabled.
    * Force displayCommentPrefix to fix :Gstatus on 1.8.5+.
    * Support localized `git status`.
    * Map g? and F1 to show help in :Gstatus and :Gblame.
    * Kill relativenumber in blame buffer.
    * Fix jump to line on reblame.
    * Return to blamed buffer on q in blame.
    * Restore blamed window on gq in blame.
    * Fix :Gblame scrollbind with folds.
    * Jump from blame to commit focuses relevant diff.
    * :Gblame: Retain original alternate buffer.
    * Use - not Return for reblame.
    * Switch :Gblame Return to open commit.
    * Open fold when jumping to commit from blame.
    * Add maps for resizing blame window.
    * Conceal file names and line numbers in :Gblame.
    * Set winfixwidth in :Gblame buffers.
    * Press Return in :Gblame to open commit (reblame is now -).
    * Better csh support.
    * Work around "always" color option.
    * Fix trailing blank line when editing index files.
    * Use HTTPS for GitHub URLs in README.
    * :Gdiff split direction based on 'diffopt' and window size.
    * Focus diff window on :Gdiff.
    * Restore options when turning off diff mode.
    * Set bufhidden=delete in historical buffers.
    * Fix modeline errors in historical buffers.
    * Change cp to cP.
    * Add :Git! et al. for loading output into a buffer.
    * Tab complete Git aliases.
    * Enter on a +/- diff line jumps to that line.
    * Better Windows support.
    * Support core.autocrlf=false on Windows.
    * Work around slow \\ Windows network path.
    * Work around .git in 'wildignore'.
    * Fix garbage during :Gcommit with alternate screen.
    * Fix garbling on :Gcommit when nothing is staged.
    * Hack around broken :Gcommit with symlinked .git.
    * Use y CTRL-G to yank the current object's path.
    * Preserve alternate file in :Gmove.
    * Support bare repositories that don't end in .git.
    * Support .git-file repositories (including submodules).
    * Support symlinked .git if core.worktree is set.
    * Fix redraw issue after :Gbrowse.
    * Support GitHub FI in :Gbrowse.
    * Support implicit GitHub username in remote for :Gbrowse.
    * Make fugitive commands available in nerdtree buffers.
    * Make fugitive commands available in command line window.
    * :Glgrep and :Gllog.
    * :.Glog jumps to same line in each file.
    * Map - to go up a directory.
    * Provide custom 'foldtext'.
    * Look for $GIT_DIR and $GIT_WORK_TREE.
    * Improve Windows support.
    * Assorted bug fixes.
  • v1.2
    f112f9b8 · fugitive.vim 1.2 ·
    fugitive.vim 1.2
  • v1.1
    ccfc60e5 · fugitive.vim 1.1 ·
    fugitive.vim 1.1
  • v1.0
    190d8f66 · fugitive.vim 1.0 ·
    fugitive.vim 1.0