Commit 08eca31e authored by Ellis Percival's avatar Ellis Percival
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Fix tests

parent 9fd50e75
......@@ -2,7 +2,6 @@ import uuid
import mock
import pytest
from pip.status_codes import SUCCESS
from pi_mqtt_gpio import server
......@@ -29,16 +28,16 @@ def test_imr_blank_list(mock_ws):
@mock.patch("pkg_resources.WorkingSet.find", return_value=None)
@mock.patch("pip.commands.install.InstallCommand.main", return_value=SUCCESS)
def test_imr_has_requirements(mock_pip, mock_find):
def test_imr_has_requirements(mock_check_call, mock_find):
Should install all missing args.
module = mock.Mock()
module.REQUIREMENTS = ["testreq1", "testreq2==1.2.3"]
args, _ = mock_pip.call_args
assert args == (["testreq1", "testreq2==1.2.3"],)
args, _ = mock_check_call.call_args
assert args == (["/usr/bin/env", "pip", "install", "testreq1", "testreq2==1.2.3"],)
@mock.patch("pkg_resources.WorkingSet.find", return_value=None)
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