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  • 1.9.0
  • 1.9.0-rc1
  • 1.8.2
  • 1.8.1
    3e836d81 · Fix typo in release notes ·
  • 1.8.0
  • 1.8.0-rc1
  • 1.7.2 protected
  • 1.7.1 protected
    5b3d62e4 · Fix typo in release notes ·
  • 1.7.0 protected
  • 1.7.0-rc2 protected
    81e46325 · Release 1.7.0-rc2 ·
  • 1.7.0-rc1 protected
  • 1.6.0 protected   Release version 1.6.0 Announcements * After the 1.6 release we will start to develop Version 2.0, which will introduce breaking changes. But we will take care of making your way to 2.0 easy. * Since Node version 8 is EOL since January 2020, 1.6 will be the last version with support for Node version 8 * `useCDN` is now `false` by default. This feature is deprecated already and will be removed in 2.0. Enhancements * Add AWS endpoint configuration options * Add ability to add an imprint using `./public/docs/imprint.md` * Improve documentation in various sections * Add ability to create note based on alias in free-url-mode * Add security note describing the preferred way for responsible disclosures * Extend forbiddenNoteIds to prevent conflicts with resource directories * Add OpenGraph metadata support * Add slovak language * Add API documentation * Allow different reference-url styles * Add automatic focus username field in login modal * Add ability to limit google-auth to own domain * Upgrade revealJS to version 3.9.2 * Upgrade mermaid to version 8.4.6 * Update translations (zh-cn, zh-TW, en, de, id, pl, ar, ca, fr, it, sk, sv, ja, nl, pt, ru, es) Fixes * Fix docker secrets support * Fix sequlize-cli dependency location * Fix crash in lutim integration * Fix manage_users CLI handling of non-existing user * Fix ability to serve CodiMD from different urlpath than `/` * Fix change from gravatar to libravatar in privacy policy example * Fix missing browser icons in README Refactors * Refactor note creation handling * Improve webpack documentation * Split note actions into own files * Refactor returnTo handling for auth Removals * Legacy handling of socket.io connections * Node 8 CI jobs Contributors * [Amolith](https://github.com/Amolith) * Andrea Rossi (translator) * CasperS (translator) * Cpp.create (translator) * [David Mehren](https://github.com/davidmehren) * Deluxghost (translator) * em_crx (translator) * [Enrico Guiraud](https://github.com/bluehood) * Epson12332 (translator) * [Erik Michelson](https://github.com/ErikMichelson) * Fajar Maulana (translator) * [Fonata](https://github.com/Fonata) * [foobarable](https://github.com/foobarable) * [Girish Ramakrishnan](https://github.com/gramakri) * Grzegorz (translator) * [hoijui](https://github.com/hoijui) * [Ian Tsai](https://github.com/b10102016) * id7xyz (translator) * [ike](https://github.com/ikewat) * Info (translator) * Javier Leandro (translator) * [Jonas Thelemann](https://github.com/dargmuesli) * [Jonas Zohren](https://github.com/jfowl) * kazutomo.waragai (translator) * [MartinT](https://github.com/MartinTuroci) * [Mathias Merscher](https://github.com/madddi) * [Matthias Lindinger](https://github.com/morpheus-87) * Mdhm (translator) * Me (translator) * mondstern (translator) * Patrick (translator) * Rafael Gauna Trindade (translator) * Ramon van Biljouw (translator) * [RyotaK](https://github.com/Ry0taK) * [Sandro](https://github.com/SuperSandro2000) * [Sören Wegener](https://github.com/soerface) * [Stefan Peters](https://github.com/stefandesu) * [Yukai Huang](https://github.com/Yukaii)
    8ce7b285 · Release version 1.6.0 ·
  • 1.5.0 protected   CodiMD 1.5.0 Announcements * There is a new docker image available by LinuxServer.io providing an ARM container * Disabling PDF export due to security problems Enhancements * Add migration guide for Node version 6 * Add functionality to respect Do-Not-Track header * Add Arabian translation Fixes * Fix styling in slide preview * Fix some lint warning * Upgrade Sequelize to version 5 * Add Linuxserver.io setup instructions for CodiMD * Update translations for DE, SV, ID * Add ability to upload SVGs * Add `dbURL`config as docker secret * Upgrade meta-marked - Fixes DOS capability in CodiMD (https://github.com/codimd/server/commit/ba6a24a673c24db25969de2a59b9341247f3f722) * Fix variable names in docker secrets config library Refactors * Refactor debug logging in various places Deprecations * `useCDN` will be deprecated and will disappear in favor of locally served resources. (https://community.codimd.org/t/poll-on-cdn-usage/28) Contributors * [Amolith](https://github.com/Amolith) (social media) * Aro Row (translator) * bitinerant (security) * Butterflyoffire (translator) * [Claudius Coenen (ccoenen)](https://github.com/ccoenen) * Erik (translator) * Fajar Maulana (translator) * id7xyz (translator) * joohoi (security) * [Jonas Thelemann (dargmuesli)](https://github.com/dargmuesli) * [Lennart Weller (lhw)](https://github.com/lhw) * [chbmb](https://github.com/CHBMB) * [Raccoon (a60814billy)](https://github.com/a60814billy) * RS232 (translator) * [Toma Tasovac (ttasovac)](https://github.com/ttasovac)
    9c1665ae · Release version 1.5.0 ·
  • 1.4.0 protected   CodiMD 1.4.0 Announcements --- * CodiMD now has a [Mastodon account](https://social.codimd.org/mastodon) * CodiMD now has a [community forum](https://community.codimd.org) * With CodiMD 1.4.0 we're dropping node 6 support. That version of node.js is discontinued and no longer receives any security updates. We would like to encourage you to upgrade node 8 or later. Node 8 will continue to be supported at least until its end-of-life in January 2020. Enhancements --- * Use libravatar instead of Gravatar * Fix language description capitalization * Move upload button into the toolbar * Clean up Heroku configurations * Add new screenshot to README and index page * Add link to community call to README * Update languages (pl, sr, zh-CN, fr, it, ja, zh-TW, de, sv, es) * Change edit link to `both` view * Hide minio default ports * Add missing passport-saml configuration * Add lutim support * Update dependencies * Add documentation for keycloak * Add tests for user model * Add Mastodon link * Add config for toobusy middleware * Add vietnamese language Fixes --- * Fix missing space in footer * Fix various possible security vulnerabilities in dependencies * Fix broken dependency js-sequence-diagrams * Fix XSS in graphviz error message rendering * Fix toolbar night mode * Fix hidden header on scroll * Fix missing pictures for OpenID * Fix statusbar hiding text in edit view Refactors --- * Refactor README and documentation * Integrate the old wiki into documentation section * Refactor headers on Features page * Replace js-url with wurl * Refactor scrypt integration Removals --- * Remove sass-loader Contributors --- * [Amolith](https://github.com/Amolith) * CasperS (translator) * Cedric.couralet (translator) * [Claudius Coenen (ccoenen)](https://github.com/ccoenen) * Daniel (translator) * Deluxghost (translator) * [Dylan Dervaux (Dylanderv)](https://github.com/Dylanderv) * [Emmanuel Ormancey (nopap)](https://github.com/nopap) * Grzegorz (translator) * [Henrik Hüttemann (HerHde)](https://github.com/HerHde) * Hồng (translator) * [Mauricio Robayo (archemiro)](https://github.com/archemiro) * [Max Wu (jackycute)](https://github.com/jackycute) * [naimo](https://github.com/naimo) * [Pedro Ferreira (pferreir)](https://github.com/pferreir) * [Simon Fish (boardfish)](https://github.com/boardfish) * [Stéphane Guillou (stragu)](https://github.com/stragu) * Sylke Vicious (translator) * [Thor77](https://github.com/Thor77) * veracosta (translator) * Vladan (translator) * War (translator) * Zhai233 (translator)
    51d69d99 · Release version 1.4.0 ·
  • 1.3.2 protected   CodiMD 1.3.2 Announcement * CodiMD is now running in an own organization. [Check out our vision for the future](https://github.com/codimd/server/issues/10) Fixes * Update various links to the new repositories * Fix background color for mode switching button in night mode
    4ffeab61 · Release version 1.3.2 ·
  • 1.3.1 protected   1.3.1 Enhancements * Add some missing translations * Add Serbian language Fixes * Fix broken redirect for empty `serverURL` * Fix wrong variable type for HSTS maxAge * Fix GitLab snippets showing up without being configured * Fix Google's API after disabling Google+ * Fix broken PDF export Contributors * atachibana (translator) * [Aurélien JANVIER](https://github.com/ajanvier) (translator) * [Daan Sprenkels](https://github.com/dsprenkels) (translator) * Farizrizaldy (translator) * [Luclu7](https://github.com/Luclu7) * Sylke Vicious (translator) * [toshi0123](https://github.com/toshi0123) & okochi-toshiki * [Turakar](https://github.com/Turakar) * [Vladan](https://github.com/cvladan) (translator)
    50c80c99 · Release version 1.3.1 ·
  • 1.3.0 protected   * Run db migrations on `npm start` * Add documentation about integration with AD LDAP * Add `rel="noopener"` to all links * Add documentation about integration with Nextcloud for authentication * Update URL on frontpage to point to codimd.org * Replace Fontawesome with Forkawesome * Add OpenID support * Add print icon to slide view * Add auto-complete for language names that are highlighted in codeblocks * Improve translations for Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italien, Korean, Polish, and Russian language * Add Download action to published document API * Add reset password feature to `manage_users` script * Move from own `./tmp` directory to system temp directory * Add Etherpad migration guide * Move XSS library to a more native position * Use full version string to determine changes from the backend * Update winston (logging library) * Use slide preview in slide example * Improve migration handling * Update reveal.js to version 3.7.0 * Replace scrypt library with its successor * Replace `to-markdown` with `turndown` (successor library) * Update socket.io * Add warning on missing base URL * Update bootstrap to version 3.4.0 * Update handlebar * Fix paths in GitLab documentation * Fix missing `data:` URL in CSP * Fix oAuth2 name/label field * Fix GitLab API integration * Fix auto-completed but not rendered emojis * Fix menu organization depending on enabled services * Fix some logging in the OT module * Fix some unhandled internalOAuthError exception * Fix unwanted creation of robots.txt document in "freeurl-mode" * Fix some links on index page to lead to the right sections on feature page * Fix document breaking, empty headlines * Fix wrong multiplication for HSTS header seconds * Fix wrong subdirectories in exported user data * Fix CSP for speaker notes * Fix CSP for disqus * Fix URL API usage * Fix Gist embedding * Fix upload provider error message * Fix unescaped disqus user names * Fix SAML vulnerability * Fix link to SAML guide * Fix deep dependency problem with node 6.x * Fix broken PDF export by wrong unlink call * Fix possible XSS attack in MathJax * Refactor to use `ws` instead of the the no longer supported `uws` * Refactor frontend build system to use webpack version 4 * Refactor file path configuration (views, uploads, …) * Refactor `manage_users` script * Refactor handling of template variables * Refactor linting to use eslint * Remove no longer working Octicons * Remove links to our old Gitter channel * Remove unused library node-uuid * Remove unneeded blueimp-md5 dependency * Remove speakerdeck due to broken implementation * Adam.emts (translator) * [Alex Garcia](https://github.com/asg017) * [Cédric Couralet (micedre)](https://github.com/micedre) * [Claudius Coenen](https://github.com/ccoenen) * [Daan Sprenkels](https://github.com/dsprenkels) * [David Mehren](https://github.com/davidmehren) * [Erona](https://github.com/Eronana) * [Felix Yan](https://github.com/felixonmars) * [Jonathan](https://github.com/phrix32) * Jong-kai Yang (translator) * [MartB](https://github.com/MartB) * [Max Wu (jackycute)](https://github.com/jackycute) * [mcnesium](https://github.com/mcnesium) * Nullnine (translator) * RanoIP (translator) * [SuNbiT](https://github.com/sunbit) * Sylke Vicious (translator) * Timothee (translator) * [WilliButz](https://github.com/WilliButz) * [Xaver Maierhofer](https://github.com/xf-) * [云屿](https://github.com/cloudyu)
    87443dec · Release version 1.3.0 ·
  • 1.2.1 protected   1.2.1 * Update Italian translations * Update Japanese translations * Update markdown-pdf * Add support for unix sockets * Update "follow us" information to Community channel and translation * Add Cloudron installation method * Add guide for Mattermost authentication * Update various packages * Add Indonesian language as new translation * Fix content types in status router * Fix some modal colors in night mode * Fix CSP to allow usage of speaker notes * Fix some wrong title attributes in the editor toolbar * Fix some confusion about the default location of images. It's always the local filesystem now * Fix object handling in avatar generation code * Finally fix error handling of LZ-String by using self-maintained version * Fix migration handling * Fix gitlab API version * Fix some server crashes caused by PDF creation * Fix document length limit on post to `/new` * Fix broken youtube embedding on `/features` page * Refactor generation of table of contents * Refactor "copyright"-section to be a "Powered by" * Remove unneeded inline styling * NodeJS version 6 * Mattermost login integration (is replaced by [generic oAuth2 module](https://github.com/hackmdio/codimd/blob/6ce7b20a7f92ccff2f7f870ff5d116d685310cfd/docs/guides/auth/mattermost-self-hosted.md)) * [Alex Hesse (Pingu501)](https://github.com/Pingu501) * [Alexander Wellbrock (w4tsn)](https://github.com/w4tsn) * [Cédric Couralet (micedre)](https://github.com/micedre) * [Girish Ramakrishnan (gramakri)](https://github.com/gramakri) * [maahl](https://github.com/maahl) * [Max Wu (jackycute)](https://github.com/jackycute) * [Miranda (ahihi)](https://github.com/ahihi) * [Ondřej Slabý (maxer456)](https://github.com/maxer456)
    da818384 · Update version to 1.2.1 ·
  • 1.2.0 protected   1.2.0 * HackMD CE is renamed to CodiMD to prevent confusion. [For details see here](https://github.com/hackmdio/codimd#hackmd-ce-became-codimd) * Show full title by hovering over to table of contents entries * Add generic OAUTH2 support for authentication * Redirect unauthenticated user to login page on "forbidden" pages * Add ability to add ToS and privacy documents without code changes * Add account deletion as part of user self-management * Add download of all own notes * Add privacy policy example (no legal advice) * Increase checkbox size on slides * Add support for Azure blob storage for image uploads * Add Korean translation * Add note about official K8s chart for deployment * Add toolbar for markdown shortcuts in editor * Add ability to disable Gravatar integration * Add print icon to slide menu which leads to the print view. * Add sequelize to setup instructions * Update various packages * Fix local writes for non-existing translations in production * Fix wrong documentation about default image upload type * Fix possible error if CodiMD is started with wrong working directory * Fix issues caused by cached/cacheeable client config * Fix issues caused by notes created via curl/API with CRLF line endings * Fix broken images for downloaded PDFs while using `filesystem` as `imageUploadType` * Fix Unicode URLs when using `allowFreeURL=true` * Split auth documentation into multiple documents * Remove polyfill for `useCDN=false` setups * Remove unused and no longer needed symlink from translations * [Adam Hoka (ahoka)](https://github.com/ahoka) * [Edgar Z. Alvarenga (aivuk)](https://github.com/aivuk) * [Jacob Burden (jekrb)](https://github.com/jekrb) * [Pedro Ferreira (pferreir)](https://github.com/pferreir) * [TC Liu (liuderchi)](https://github.com/liuderchi)
    33a4b88d · Release 1.2.0 ·
  • 1.1.1-ce protected   1.1.1-ce Security * Fix Google Drive integration leaked `clientSecret` for Google integration * Update base64url package Fixes * Fix typos in integrations * Fix high need of file descriptors during build * Fix heroku deployment by limiting node version to <10.x Refactors * Refactor letterAvatars to be compliant with CSP Removes * Google Drive integration Honorable mentions * [Max Wu (jackycute)](https://github.com/jackycute)
    a258719d · Release 1.1.1-ce ·